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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cat's Animal Adventures...

As far as I can tell, Cat is having some great animal adventures. Here are her comments:

Aug 29th

Wednesday afternoon was pretty funny though because they wouldn't let me get out of their cage! Unlike the other times when you stand up and they run, this time they decided that I was their human jungle gym and I had all of them running up my leg to my shoulder and jumping on my white hat! They didn't want to get down and I wasn't really sure how I was going to leave....

Today I went in with the squirrels and they were very frisky. I think one is in heat so they were chasing each other and making noises. I drew the line when two of them started to have sex on my leg though! So...I left.

Yesterday I went on a cheetah walk with Cleo and Pride. They walked for a bit and then just laid down for the rest of the time… Tonight I sleep with Cleo and Pride so I am mentally preparing myself to get peed on.

Aug 30th

Sleeping with Cleo and Pride was awesome. They are very cute though and come over right away and snuggle with you all night. However, wild dot dots are TERRIBLE bed hogs and both Dawn and I only had about 6 inches each for our mattresses and every time I moved Cleo would let out a big sigh. It was a really really amazing experience though.

Today I went into the caracal and wild dog enclosures to pick up discarded bones. I had to fend off 8 wild dogs with sticks! We were told to watch our backs so they don't separate us and try to eat us.....ah just another day at the office!

Aug 31st

I was on food prep in the morning and then spent the afternoon hanging out with the animals. I finally went in with Lose the leopard and Asem the vulture and Finn the one winged eagle. I also said hello to my cheetah girls too, oh and I met Zebe the zebra and saw the rabbits.

Sept 2nd

I played with the foxes again last night. One of them came right over and sat with me and then flopped over on his back so that I could scratch his tummy and he made fun grunting noises. They are officially my favorite animals at Harnas and I will be sad to leave them.

Today I thought we were going to have to go to the waterhole but we haven't yet. I got to go on a cheetah walk with Cleo and Pride, though it was more of a cheetah flop as they walk for a bit and then lie down under a shady tree. It was still fun, but I did sit on a bunch of burrs which I am still currently extracting from the butt of my jeans....good times....


Good times indeed.

Also, don’t forget that there are plenty of YouTube videos up from the first 3 weeks. We are at 13 and counting!