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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jambo Africa!

Jambo everyone!

The Chiappa family has made it safely to Africa! The flight was very long, but it was ok. The only bad thing is that the seats were made for midgets (Marie was quite comfortable). :-) Actually the plane wasn't full so it was nice. Marie got to spread out a little and I took her seat for the second leg. The first leg felt like it took forever, but I took a tylenol pm for the second leg and it went faster. They definitely give you a lot of fun options for entertainment though. They have video and audio on demand. Our plane even got in 1/2 hour early. I haven't seen any monkeys yet though...or groundhogs...;-)

We got went through customs and secured transportation without a hitch (though I think we got a little gauged on the price...but what can you do..) and the hotel is very nice. The rooms are clean and the bathroom has a nice shower and a tub.

I'm a little concerned because we haven't heard from the safari people so we don't have a time for pick-up for our safari tomorrow, but we should know soon. We are going to order food from a nearby restaurant for dinner tonight so we don't have to leave the hotel. I am looking forward to laying in the horizontal fact after 19 hours in a plane I may never sit up again!

That's all I have to report for now. It seems surreal that we will be seeing lions and elephants and all other types of animals in this wild country tomorrow though!


1 comment:

Lauren G. said...

Jambo! That reminds me of that map of Africa in the African Voices Gallery at NMNH.