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Monday, March 30, 2009

Old Dreams and New! Welcome to my Blog!

If you had asked me the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" ten years ago my answer would have been hands down, "I want to be on Broadway." Performance whether vocal or instrumental has always been a large part of my life and always will be. However, while singing on Broadway is still a dream of mine it is no longer the dream. Would I still love the opportunity--absolutely, but it just isn't where my focus is anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'll still perform whenever I can, would still like to have a music room in a home one day complete with pianos and various other percussion instruments including a marimba and a xylophone, and will still jump at any opportunity to get paid to sing. However, pursuing performance as a career is no longer my main focus. It's an interesting realization to have since it has always been such a big part of me, but I also know that it always will remain a part of me.

Pursuing a professional career in music or theatre is perhaps one of the hardest tasks anyone could undertake. It requires hours of practice and single minded dedication. If I were to go down that path right this minute I would need to hire a new voice teacher, a vocal coach, take endless refresher dance lessons, prepare monologues....the list goes on and on. It would then be followed by hours of standing in line for a chance to be seen let alone to be heard by a panel of critics and endless calls of rejection peppered with the occasional acceptance....hopefully. It is more than a full time job and while worth it, just isn't where my heart is. I have always had trouble with that single minded dedication because I have always had a million other things I have wanted to do as well. For those of you who know me well, this will not in any way be a surprise to you! So, while I will always jump at the chance to perform and still have many parts I intend to play one day, I probably won't make a full time career of it...though you'd be surprised how well the skills I have learned from performing translate into all kinds of vocations.....

Over the past couple of years I have realized a new dream from which goals are starting to take shape. Now my passion revolves around travel, education, and wildlife conservation and the desire to get people to go out into the world to enjoy, learn, and protect what is out there. I have been very fortunate in the adventures and experience that I have had, and I want to share them so others can feel that joy that I have. Some of my new goals and ideas are:

1. Visit every continent...hopefully multiple times! I've already hit N. America, Australia, Europe and Africa.....3 more to go! I think Asia or S. America will be next...though I do love Australia and Africa...who knows....

2. Start a travel company that gets people out there travelling...especially those who wouldn't normally be able to afford it. I can't go in to too much detail because someone might steal my idea..and then where would I be.........:-)

3. Obtain a position in a Zoo/Aquarium or wildlife organization that allows me to educate the public about wildlife conservation and all the animals that I love. Being able to get involved with the Special Events and Travel depts. would be a bonus too! Hire me...please.....:-)

4. I saw Jack Hanna yesterday and told my husband Joe that I want to be "Cat Chiappa." He told me that I already am.....because I married him......That wasn't quite what I meant......I'd love to be like Jack Hanna and Jeff Corwin and get paid to travel the world teaching people about wildlife and geography, and voluntourism...but I'd like to bring other people with me!

5. Continue to get paid to perform....hey maybe not Broadway...but I'll take it where I can get it....;-)

This blog will be an assortment of animal information and facts, travel tips and suggestions, topical books reviews and other interesting tidbits as I see fit. I hope you enjoy my insights into our "Wild and Wonderful World!" Enjoy!

1 comment:

Pam said...

Hi Peanut!
I'm always interested in your thoughts and insights about life and where you want to take it. I love your enthusiasm for life and how you embrace various aspects of it. I am amazed at how you leap off the cliff in spite of your "fears". I'm very proud of you!
Love you!